Advanced Strategic Mastermind
for Top Real Estate Agents and Lenders

Have you ever felt that you’re goals were in conflict with you’re behavior? You want to do more, you want to be more productive and you dream of what your ideal business could be. But for some reason, you never really live up to your fullest potential?

Sometimes you look for a new strategy, but because you may still have some unfinished inner business, a better place to look is inside. You may need to do some personal development work to remove the pattern of behavior that is causing your lack of productivity.

You’ll really enjoy this first Conversational Breakthrough episode because it has a little bit of everything in it. We talk about being a Superior Man and how the role of the male energy is to be the financial provider and how that frees up the Female energy to experience her divine nature.

We talk about how we take on the beliefs and patterns of our parents both the positive ones and the negative ones.
You’ll discover how to use the power of anger to crush those beliefs that no longer support you.

After listening to this episode, share with everyone what you learned and what pattern you’re ready to let go of and what pattern do you choose to replace it with.