Advanced Strategic Mastermind
for Top Real Estate Agents and Lenders

The goal of BV is to meet quarterly to decide your three most important problems or projects. This will focus your activity for the next 90 days. In-between our quarterly meetings, I encourage you to participate in Do Groups to stay accountable and to keep your projects moving forward. This also creates continuity in your life.

Whatever you’re talking about, you’re bringing about. When you stop talking about it, it disappears. So we want to keep the conversation alive.

You’re in a business that demands your full time and attention. A lot of the rules are being recreated right now. So you’re in a business that demands your adaptability. You’re in a business that demands a new level of visibility. I love the thought that you’re in a business that demands commitment – a BIG commitment. You’re in a business that demands a true focus.

There is a theme around this whole notion of visibility. This is your willingness to put your best work on display. The secret sauce to visibility is this: public before perfect, and progress before perfection.

One way to create visibility is to do something others have dreamed of doing, but you actually go do it. It’s also important to think locally as you build your visibility. You’re building an audience and asking them to pay attention, so you’re looking for continuity more than size. I would rather have 500 people who are watching every video as opposed to 5,000 people who have watched one.

Another important concept is over a long period of time, you build a following. When you make a lifetime commitment to building visibility, what you’re really doing is building a tribe. What I encourage you to do as you’re looking at building your visibility, you need to do these three things:

  • Learn to use video – this will get you far ahead of the competitive curve. I encourage you to break through the resistance of technology and stay with it. Look at like you’re building a skill set – like a welder would do. It’s an incredible asset that you can create for yourself – knowing how to film, create and edit video. It’s truly a skill.
  • Get to know your business better. When you have to talk about your business, you’ll get to know it better. You’ll learn how well you can communicate about your business in a short amount of time.
  • Promote yourself – you need to take your video and promote it. At BroVance we talk a lot about the different ways to do this.