Advanced Strategic Mastermind
for Top Real Estate Agents and Lenders

BroVance is an opportunity to be a part of something special. Everyone in BroVance chooses to be a part of a common purpose – to live a life of true significance.

BroVance is about getting new insight and motivation. It’s about power, but it’s not about the old power. It’s not the type of power that’s based on control and manipulation. Some of us experienced that old power and we needed it to survive and even move to stability and success. But now from stability and success, we need a new power – a power that will move us from stability to true success. I’m going to call this new power Authentic Power.

Authentic Power is something that occurs for you because you choose to make it Authentic Power pen. No one can give it to you… no one can make it Authentic Power pen for you… you must do the work to bring it out of you.

Authentic power is incremental – it happens choice by choice – and each choice you make moves you in a new direction towards a new goal. Your personality will experience something so dramatically different, and in 3 years after joining BroVance, you’ll look back at your personality and you won’t recognize yourself.

Authentic Power requires that you choose your words, your actions, and your feelings – moment by moment. These choices will create joy and consequences that are extremely constructive.

Authentic Power is changing your life with the force of your own will power and the force of your own won’t power. There are things that you WILL do and there are things that you WON’T do.

Authentic Power is when you are guided by your own awareness and your own mindfulness and intentions that consciously choose, with compassion and empathy, a result. And the result is a transformation towards the highest, most noble, healthiest version of the significant soulful you.

BroVance is about finding and changing the parts of your personality that do not intend for you to be significant and authentically powerful. BroVance is about finding and cultivating all the parts of your personality that intend for you to live a significant life.

The inspiration behind creating BroVance is a deep intention that I have. That intention is to form a group of people who allow me to fully experience my Authentic Power. Creating Authentic Power requires relationships of substance and depth. You and I cannot grow into our Authentic Power until we have the courage to enter into meaningful and significant relationships.

I believe that you will choose to sign up for BroVance if you want to be in partnership with people like yourself – people who recognize the commitment and conscious communication it takes to be at the top of your game as a way of life. In BroVance, you will naturally strive to support one another in creating significance. And you will naturally receive the support from one another to create your Authentic Power.

I love what Jacob Glass said when he was asked , “Is it better to give or to receive?” And he brilliantly said, “That’s like asking is it better to inhale or exhale?” Authentic Power is giving and receiving equally. Creating this Authentic Power is a process – it’s not an event. Authentic Power is a journey; not a destination. BroVance is a path of Authentic Power.

You will realize that intentions are very important because they create your consequences. You are 100% responsible for what you create. If you want to see what you’re committed to, look at what’s happening around you right now. You are responsible for that commitment.  Authentic Power is truly understanding that happiness depends on what is happening outside of us. You can look at your circumstances around you and it expresses how happy you are. Joy depends on what’s happening inside of us.  We all have parts of our personality that make us feel unworthy and defective. We can change those parts of our personality. It’s in changing those parts of us that we create our Authentic Power. Each one of us is responsible for creating the changes in our personality that create Authentic Power.

The starting point is to look carefully at yourself.  All great thinking starts with “Know thyself.” It all starts with reflection. So imagine that you are the coach of a team and you’re playing a game called life. And you have hundreds of players on your team, but only one of them can play at a time. The player on the field is always the one that represents you now. If the player on the field is elegant and bold and authentic, then YOU are elegant, bold and authentic. If the player on the field is fearful, selfish and angry, then YOU are fearful, selfish and angry. Our responsibility is to choose the player that you will put on the field at every moment.

Authentic Power is mindfulness and awareness of who we are playing at every moment. So to help you and introduce you to all of the players on your team – and there are hundreds of players on your team – I created two assessment tools. When you join BroVance, you’ll have access to these tools and the first assessment is a personal tool and the second is a business tool. This will introduce you to all of the players in your personal life and in your business life. These are simple true and false questions.

Authentic Power is being real and being honest. Only when you fully tell the truth 100% do you start to make a change.

Once you’ve answered all questions, you’ll be asked to choose two questions you answered ‘false’ to as two areas you’re authentically prepared to change.

I use a formula called A.R.I.A. – Awareness, Reflection, Insight, and Action. The assessment is designed to expand your awareness, which comes in two forms. The first is thought. When you join BroVance, I’m going to ask you to bring your goal setting awareness, your strategic awareness, and your problem solving awareness. But for the assessment, you will use your direct experience awareness. The purpose of the assessment is to stimulate insight that comes from awareness. That is the capacity to step outside of your own skin and look at yourself. It’s the ability to pause before you answer so you can have the most informed choices.

As you go through the assessment, it will reveal your strengths and your weaknesses – according to you.

What you’ll discover when you join your first BroVance mastermind, is that it requires 10 new ways to being. BroVance is a whole new level of commitment and accountability. This will require you to be fully open in 10 areas. If you’re not open in these areas, it will be obvious to all of us. Taking a journey together requires all of us to be open to new possibilities. These 10 areas are:

  • Open yourself to focus on what you can learn about yourself all of the time. Learn from your reactions, learn from anger, learn from fear, learn from resentment, learn from unworthiness, learn from impatience, learn from your resistance, learn from procrastination, learn from hesitation, learn when you’re not finishing what you start, and learn from overpromising.
  • Be open to focus on what you’re feeling in your energy centers – like your gut, chest and throat. Right now, listen with your body. The body never lies; it brings you direct awareness. Move from your head to your body, and listen with your body. What do you feel and where do you feel it?
  • Open yourself to focus on your thinking. When are you judging, overanalyzing, comparing yourself to others, or overplanning. Also focus on when you’re grateful, appreciative, open and vulnerable. BroVance is a place where you’ll practice developing your awareness of being mindful of what thoughts create what emotions.
  • Open yourself to focus on your intentions. Notice when you are seeking approval, or looking to be ‘right’ rather than happy, or when you’re trying to convince someone. What is your level of intention around BroVance?
  • Open yourself to taking full responsibility – for your feelings and your actions. There is no blaming going on.  When it comes to taking responsibility, you either do or you don’t. There is no in-between. Everything that is happening in your life and in your business right now, you are 100% responsible for. Creating Authentic Power means becoming the true authority in your life and in your business. Taking responsibility means everything happens for a reason.
  • Open yourself to focus on integrity at all times which means when you’re in BroVance, speak up when you’re frightened. When you don’t to talk and when your body wants to shut down and you feel “I need to share this because I don’t want to”, that’s when it is most important to speak. And not speaking when you feel compelled to talk – that’s just as important.
  • Open yourself to focus on saying or doing what is most difficult. Unless you pull the bow, the arrow of thought cannot fly. You will look to take the step that will make you more real – not what step will make you more comfortable. BroVance is not about being comfortable; BroVance is about Authentic Power.
  • Open yourself to focus on a fresh perspective and release any distance you feel from anyone. In this BroVance group, we are committed to three years – one year at a time.  We are going to hold you accountable for what you say you’re going do. That’s a very high level of accountability. It’s going to require Authentic Power. This is accountability that you may never have had. That’s the power of being part of a group that are all on the path to significance. Extraordinary things can happen when you open yourself up to a fresh perspective.
  • Open yourself to focus on being fully present while others are speaking. This is how you access your Authentic Power – by deeply listening to the words and feelings of others. We call this listening with a curious heart.
  • Open yourself to focus on being completely released from the outcome. Of course, we all want to make money. I want to make as much money as possible. We all want to create security and freedom for ourselves and our families. We want to leave a legacy. To some degree, we’ve already proven that. Prosperity and abundance is good. It’s a reflection of what the marketplace says has value. And we are moving into a new economy – it’s one that requires Authentic Power to thrive. The level of consciousness and awareness is at an all-time high on the planet right now. We are waking up. The shift is from unauthentic relationships to authentic ones; from an unconscious economy to a conscious one. It’s also shifting from the old power – control and manipulation – to Authentic Power.

At the live quarterly event, in your do groups and through daily accountability, you’re going to:

Learn about yourself.

Feel into your body for insight and solutions.

Turn inward for answers.

Master awareness of your thoughts.

Check your intentions moment by moment.

Take full responsibility for everything.

Make integrity your core value.

Do and say what is most difficult.

Release your distance from every BroVancer and you’re going to use that as a model in life to remove distance from everyone.

Be present when others speak.

Detach from the outcome.

Be fully invested in abundance.

I am so honored to lead you on this journey.